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International Graduate Students’ Experience in Academic Listening Practices in a Malaysian Public University: Challenges and Overcoming Measures

The number of international students choosing
Malaysia as a destination to further their graduate studies is
steadily growing. This phenomenon has urged researchers
to look for ways to ensure that they go through a smooth
academic journey. One significant area of research has
focused on the challenges faced by these students in their
academic listening practices, and the measures employed
to overcome the challenges. The Academic Literacies
Questionnaire (Manjet, Investigating the academic literacies
challenges of international graduate students in Master
programmes in an Institution of Higher Education in
Malaysia, 2013) was administered to 131 international
graduate students in 10 taught Master programmes
(coursework and mixed mode) to whom English is a foreign
or second language. The results revealed some challenges
those students face attributable mainly to the fact
that English in Malaysia is not the native or first language.
The findings and results, if taken seriously by the Ministry
of Higher Education of Malaysia, would assist to the academic
listening practices of international graduate students
by the local academicians. It is hoped that the recommendations
provided in this study would be a platform to
ensure that international students experience a satisfying
academic experience in their graduate study

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